Consecration to Mary

Consecration to Mary

Week 2 Summary Reflection

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 9/18/20

I thought this week's reflections were great, especially since they focused so much on the Holy Spirit.  Not that any one Person of the Trinity is better than the other, but I feel as though we spend more time focusing on God-The Father, and God-The Son, than we do ... Read More »

Week 1 Summary reflection

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 9/11/20

I don't know about you but I am enjoying this journey to consecration!  It was great to learn more about St. Louis de Montfort and just how much our Blessed Mother cares for us.  

For me, the biggest understatement of the week was "One thing about doing the Lord's ... Read More »

Week 1-Day 1

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 9/04/20

Well I am glad to see there will be some humor in this preparation!  We all need some joy and laughter in our lives to divert our minds from the chaos in society right now.  On page 32, Day 1 of our preparation, we learn a little tid bit ... Read More »

Preliminary Discussion

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 9/02/20

We will be using Fr. Michael Gaitley's book, 33 Days to Morning Glory, as a preparation to our Marian Consecration.  Fr. Gaitley is a priest of the Congregation, The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.  You can purchase the book on Amazon. We look forward to praying with you! 


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