Consecration to St. Joseph

Consecration to St. Joseph

Reflection on Week 5 (Days 29-33 and Day of Consecration)

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 3/22/21

Some of us celebrated our day of consecration on Friday, March 19, the feast day of St. Joseph, others of us may still be in the midst of our preparation to consecration, and some may have yet to embark on their journey to consecration.  I am among those who ... Read More »

Reflection on Week 4 (Days 22-28)

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 3/16/21

Our Consecration Day is fast approaching, this Friday, March 19!  There will be certificates of consecration available at the 8:00 am Mass in Random Lake and the 5:30 pm Mass at Holy Cross on St. Joseph's feast day, during this year of St. Joseph!  If you unable to attend ... Read More »

Reflection on Week 3 (Days 15-21)

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 3/08/21

It's hard to believe we have already finished week 3 in our journey to consecration.  Hopefully, it was a prayerful and insightful week for you.  Perhaps, you were as fascinated about the details of the "Holy House of Loreto" as I was or maybe you enjoyed the part about ... Read More »

Reflection on Week 2 (Days 8-14)

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 3/03/21

There were many insights into St. Joseph this week.  I enjoyed learning about his various titles.  Although I know Joseph was from the line of King David, I had never really heard of St. Joseph referred to as “King” before. (p. 29)  I have often heard Mary referred to ... Read More »

Reflection on Week 1 (Days 1-7)

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 2/21/21

Having done the Consecration to Mary last year, I am excited to start this Consecration to St. Joseph, especially during this Year of St. Joseph!  While I love all the saints; I can't say that I have had a particularly strong devotion to St. Joseph.  Hopefully, that will change ... Read More »

Beginning our Consecration to St. Joseph

Posted by Amanda Gronemeyer on 2/08/21

If you are following along in our Consecration to St. Joseph, you will notice that the first day in our preparation is February 15.  If you have not yet received your book, you can follow along at your own pace.  


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