Cluster Young Adult Faith Formation

Cluster Young Adult Faith Formation

Cluster Young Adult Bible Study

If you are a young adult interested in meeting other area young adults there is a group that meets regularly on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm for dinner and a Bible Study.  For more information, contact Mark Shininger at [email protected]

Area Young Adult Group

Our Lady of the Lakes' young adults attend Catholic Underground, a group which meets at the Reinl Center (824 Superior Ave) in Sheboygan on the Holy Name Campus.  While many of the young adults live in the Sheboygan County area, anyone is welcome to attend, regardless of their area of residence.  During the school year (September-May), we typically meet the first, third, and fifth Mondays from 6:00 - 8:30 PM.  We have faith-focused topics, craft nights, and other fun-filled nights.  During the summer our schedule is a little more fluid and consists of gatherings at community events and/or special trips. You can find us on Facebook @SheboyganCU   

The schedule is as follows: 

6:00 PM Doors open

                 6:30 PM Complimentary Dinner

           7:00 PM Topic of the Night 

During COVID we will continue to offer nights of prayer on the first and third Mondays on our Facebook page at 6:30pm.

Black History Month Presentation and Prayer

*There was an issue with Facebook sharescreen.  You can access the entire powerpoint and follow along here.


Party Nights




Craft Nights


                                                                           Faith Based Nights                                                                    



For questions regarding this group, please contact Amanda Gronemeyer.