Cluster Young Adult Faith Formation

Cluster Young Adult Faith Formation

Cluster Young Adult Bible Study

If you are a young adult interested in meeting other area young adults there is a group that meets regularly on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm for dinner and a Bible Study.  For more information, contact Mark Shininger at

Area Young Adult Group

We are Sheboygan's Catholic Underground, a group for Catholics age 18-39. We are college students, post-grads, and young professionals. We are single and married. We are of all levels of faith. And we are excited for you to join us! Sheboygan's Catholic Underground is dedicated to the idea that even though it might not always be obvious, there are lots of young adult Catholics in our city. Young adults who are eager to make friends, eat good food, and continuously grow in our faith. It is a fun, engaging, no judgement group. In addition to our twice monthly dinners, we have fun outings, sponsor a book club, gather for Mass, go to retreats and rallies, and just hang out. Participants are invited to come to as many or as few of our gatherings as they can. So welcome to the Catholic Underground! Drop in, check us out and bring an appetite. We look forward to meeting you!


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